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Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm


Kharkiv, Ukraine

New Industry Studio Complex

New Industry Studios is a 4000 sq ft. state of the art media production facility specializing in the development of Comprehensive Creative Content. The facility has three fully equipped recording studios, a film and photo pavilion, a dedicated video editing suite and a range of services to include digital design, product packaging, marketing and promotions.


Solo Suite

The Solo Suite is an affordable option for singer-songwriters, video editing, voiceovers and intimate production sessions. The suite has an acoustically treated isolation booth perfect for recording vocals, acoustic guitars, woodwinds and other hand held instruments. The streamlined suite also yields great mixes and can be used to polish up home recordings and beats using our post-production software and plugins.


Film & Photo Studio

The Film and Photo Studio is a 1000 square foot open-air area that can be transformed into whatever your imagination desires. The room has a changeable color lighting system as well as a large cargo bay that can accommodate vehicles and large props.

Contact us today and tell us about your project! We have videographers, set designers, carpenters, stylists, make-up artists and casting professionals available by request.

Red Room Suite


The red room Suite is a spacious recording suite that comfortably seats eight artists in the control room and easily accommodates up to five vocalists in the recording booth. The suite is equipped with Focusrite mic preamps, an assortment of available mics, instruments and guitar amps.